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My sister Dianne has traveled the world for work, currently living in Shanghai, China. Dianne also loves to shop, wherever she may find herself, never passing up an opportunity to make a purchase, or two, or more. Dianne’s house could be a museum and her closets are full. Therein lies the Christmas gift dilemma, what do you get someone who has everything?

I’m sure I am not alone in asking this question. Indeed, I would like to believe that most everyone reading this article is faced with a similar dilemma. At Christmas, what do you get someone who has everything? How about saving the lives of children?

You are invited to participate in Hyde Park Community’s Alternative Christmas Giving. Hyde Park Community U.M.C. has offered “Alternative Christmas Giving” for a number of years. This year Alternative Christmas Giving donations will go to help eradicate malaria from the continent of Africa. By participating in the Alternative Christmas Giving program, a $10 donation will purchase a mosquito net, and save the life of two children.

According to recent statistics 430,000 of the reported 584,000 malaria deaths were children under the age of five. Every 60 seconds a child dies in Africa. The United Methodist Church has partnered with secular and sacred institutions to eradicate malaria from the continent of Africa; The United Methodist Church has committed $75 million. The Global Community effort involves a four-prong attack on malaria: Prevention through the use of bed nets, providing access to diagnostic tests and medicine, draining standing water and improving sanitation. Treatments ensuring clinics and hospitals have the diagnostic tests and treatment needed to save lives. Education Health care workers are trained to go door to door in remote communities to deliver and install bed nets and teach people how to use and care for the nets properly. Communication, using technology to reach millions with life-saving information about malaria.

What do you get that person that has everything? The eradication of a disease from a continent. You can make your donation to the Alternative Christmas Giving program in the Welcome Center Sunday mornings, or by stopping in the office during the week. With each gift you will receive a card that can be sent to the loved one being honored. May God bless you this Advent season as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

In Christ,
Pastor Doug

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