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The mission of Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church is to share the love of Jesus to transform lives, Cincinnati and the world. 

Job Opportunities

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Position: Praise & Worship Leader 

General Description: 

The Praise and Worship Leader will develop and lead the music ministry for Worship @11, a multi-media service, offering a variety of music styles which support a modern worship experience. The Praise and Worship leader will create weekly worship that draws people closer to God in creative and inspirational ways. They will facilitate worship with youth and young adults and provide music for other special events in the church such as retreats or special worship services. 

The Praise and Worship Leader will report to the Director of Music and work closely with the worship planning team to develop and strengthen the holistic music ministry and outreach of Hyde Park Community UMC. 

1. Staff Commitments: Commitment to serving on a team committed to excellence and dedication to the mission of Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church: sharing the love of Jesus to transform lives, Cincinnati, and the world. 

2. Responsibilities: 


  • Plan and prepare to lead effective and efficient rehearsals. Currently Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings. 
  • Choose music that aligns with the theme of the service, embracing diverse styles of music, reflecting the unique context and theology of HPCUMC. 
  • Teach music effectively in rehearsals by providing needed resources. 
  • Coordinate and schedule ensembles and groups not usually a part of Worship @11 to participate in worship occasionally. 
  • Utilize planning center to schedule worship team members, technicians, and music, working ahead for effective teamwork. 
  • Develop and manage a budget for Worship @11. 
  • Facilitate worship with youth and young adults, and other discipleship needs such as retreats by providing music. 
  • Attend weekly meetings of the worship planning team. 
  • Attend monthly staff meetings. 
  • Other duties as assigned. 

Organize and Lead Teams: 

  • Recruit, develop, lead, and schedule vocalists and instrumentalists from the church and the community. 
  • Encourage and support volunteer vocalists and instrumentalists of various abilities. 
  • Lead rehearsals weekly. 
  • Nurture and develop emerging musicians, especially youth and young adults. 

3. Qualification and Skills: 

  • Gifted in a visible and demonstrative way as a worship leader and soloist. 
  • Ability to read music and highly developed skills as a musician with proficiency on keyboard and/or guitar. 
  • Ability to lead, teach, and nurture a team of vocalists and instrumentalists. Knowledge of media in the content of worship service. 
  • Ability to recruit and train volunteers. 
  • Proficiency with related programs, especially Planning Center Online. 
  • Working knowledge of Windows and Apple/Mac operating systems. 
  • Ability to learn and master new technology, troubleshooting on the spot. 
  • Possess a teachable spirit and solid time management skills. 
  • Bachelors degree 
  • Organizational and leadership skills, which are apparent and consistent. 

4. Supervision: 

  • Will supervise the hired band members. 

5. Accountability: 

The Praise and Worship Leader will report to the Director of Music and the Worship Planning Team, and be held accountable for the following staff commitments: 

  • The mission of Hyde Park Community UMC. 
  • The mission of the UMC. 
  • Working together as a healthy team with trust and accountability. 
  • High quality, meaningful worship. 
  • Commitment to excellence in all areas of responsibility 
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