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The mission of Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church is to share the love of Jesus to transform lives, Cincinnati and the world. 

Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in being part of our mission

Positon: Director of Production and Visual Communications (18-24 Hours)

General Description:

The Director of Production and Visual Communications will ensure a high quality audio visual experience of worship and other events taking place in person and on the live stream.  The Director will manage a paid staff of contract employees along with a team of volunteers who will assist in in-house sound and visuals (slides and video), live stream sound and visuals, and all other tech needs for worship, programs, and presentations taking place in the church.  This includes but is not limited to setting up microphones, monitoring lighting, preparing and managing programs needed for a high quality live stream experience across multiple platforms, ensuring that worship/presentation slides and videos are prepared and ready to be shown at appropriate times.

The Director will also record and produce high quality video regularly to supplement the worship experience and communications needs of the church.

  1. Staff Commitments

Participation on a team committed to excellence, and dedication to the mission of Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church: share the love of Jesus to transform lives, Cincinnati and the world.

Work collaboratively with the Senior Pastors, Praise and Worship Director and the Director of Music, Communication Director, and the head of IT as well as other staff and ministry leaders to ensure that all audio visual needs are met for worship, music, events and video communications.

  1. Responsibilities
    • Responsible for the purchase and maintenance of needed audio and visual equipment through the A/V budget.
    • The management of the production team staff.
    • The recruitment and utilization of volunteers.
    • Production of live stream on Sunday morning weekly worship at 8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and all special worship services, such as Christmas Eve, Holy Week services, and others resulting in a quality product for our large congregation of viewers on all current platforms.
    • Upload and Broadcast of live stream and other videos as needed.
    • Maintain numbers viewing live stream and reporting to the Membership Coordinator.
    • Create/Produce video presentations as requested in collaboration with the staff.
    • Ensure that A/V needs are met for weddings and funerals.
    • Train production team in collaboration with worship leaders i.e. Pastors, Music Director and Choirmaster, Worship@11 Director.
    • Maintain A/V budget.
    • Provide support to Staff and Programs when requested and attending events to take photos and video.
    • Other duties as assigned. 
  1. Qualifications and Skills
    • Technical Skills
      1. Worship Production Experience of 2-3 years
      2. Staff Management and Team Building Skills
      3. Willingness to keep up with changing technology and modes of communication
      4. Knowledge of audio systems and large format digital consoles and equipment for production.
      5. Knowledge of media in the context of worship.
      6. Knowledge of projectors, displays and video transmission.
      7. Appropriate computer, sound and lighting skills.
      8. Experience in recording, editing, and uploading high quality video for multiple platforms and audiences.
    • Recommended Qualifications/Characteristics
      1. Successful leadership in live event production
      2. Good listening skills
      3. Take direction from leadership
  • Accountability
    1. Reports to the Sr. Executive Pastor
    2. Accountable to the Mission Statement of the Church and the UMC
    3. Commitment to working on a paid staff and with volunteers
    4. Focus on achievement of shared goals and pursuits to enhance the ministries of the church in alignment with the mission
    5. Commitment to excellence in all areas of responsibility

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