New Here?

New Here?

At Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church, we are committed to the foundational principles that God’s grace extends to all people and all people are of sacred worth to God.  We celebrate the gospel message of God’s boundless love and all the ways in which God’s family is diverse and whole.

Our Locations

We have two campuses in Cincinnati, Ohio – one in Hyde Park and one in Over-the-Rhine (The Warehouse Church). 


Are you interested in becoming a member of HPCUMC? We are offering a new and exciting series of classes intended to help you engage in membership and mission. Each new member session will consist of two classes: Spiritual Gifts Class & United Methodist Membership 101.


We plan to hold the series three times a year. In addition, every other new member session will offer classes on Tuesday evenings instead of Sunday afternoons. The classes do not have to be completed all at one time. The important thing is to attend both classes for maximum fellowship and learning!

Please contact Sara Pease via email or (513) 979-8192 for more information or to register.

Newcomer Classes & Events

Welcome Brunch

You are invited to be our guest at a warm and delicious brunch in the Refectory. Please join us for this informal time where you can meet some others who are newcomers to Hyde Park Community UMC and our pastors.  Our hospitality team simply wants to say, “We are glad that you are here.” (Optional event)

For those interested in becoming a member of the Church, we offer two classes to help you engage in ministry and mission.

Spiritual Gifts Class

Take a spiritual gifts evaluation and work with lay leaders Sheila Brown and Denise Harpring to identify your spiritual strengths.  Learn where and how you can serve at HPCUMC and the greater community and best utilize your gifts.  Please complete a Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire prior to attending your class and bring the completed questionnaire to your class.

United Methodism 101 (Welcome Center)

Pastor Cathy Johns will present a short course on the history and beliefs of the United Methodist Church and the unique vision and mission of Hyde Park Community.  You will get a chance to discuss and understand your membership vows.

Reception of New Members

We’re excited to welcome you into our church family and offer classes on Tuesday evenings or Sunday afternoons. New member classes do not need to be completed all at one time; for example, you could take the Spiritual Gifts class in fall, 2020 and wait until spring, 2021 to complete the United Methodist 101 class.

Please contact Sara Pease at or (513) 979-8192 for more information or to register. Childcare is available upon request.

September 27th –  United Methodism 101, Sunday, 4:00 p.m.

October 18th – Reception of new members, 9:30am service

Please contact Sara Pease at or (513)-979-8192 to RSVP for any of these classes or events.

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