You are invited to join us for traditional or contemporary worship in our sanctuary at the corner of Grace and Observatory in Hyde Park or our downtown location in Over-the-Rhine.

Traditional Worship 8:00 & 9:30 am

Join us for a joyful celebration of God’s Word through biblical preaching, choral music, and congregational hymns sung with the Great Organ.

Contemporary Worship @ 11:00 am

You are invited to our contemporary service with biblical preaching, prayers, and a special time with children. Our gifted praise team leads the community in singing a variety of styles of music.

OTR Community Church Worship 10:30 am

Join us at 1310 Race Street in OTR for a unique worship experience in the historic Nast-Trinity Church building. OTRCC is a New Church Start in a rapidly changing and highly diverse community. Worship here exemplifies the surrounding neighborhood with multi-cultural styles, a “come as you are” environment, and a strong focus on local mission and justice.