Summer Impact

Serve in Cincinnati

Are you an intergenerational group, youth group, women’s group, men’s group, young adult group, or an otherwise eclectically congregating group of individuals with a desire to serve and give back this summer?

Your group is invited to come to Cincinnati, staying at Hyde Park Community UMC, and serve for a week alongside ministries in inner-city Cincinnati participating in building projects, day camps, delivering furniture, communing with those who are experiencing homelessness and sickness, and more. 

The heart behind Summer Impact is transformation through serving experiences, meaningful interactions, with individual and group reflection in order to see the work that God is already doing and how God is calling each of us to partner in that Kingdom work. 

We don’t consider Summer Impact a “mission trip” but a “mission training ground.” The hope is that teams will return home with a renewed energy and sense of where God is leading them to serve in their local community throughout the year.

Summer Impact

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Summer Impact


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