Organ Concert Series


OCTOBER 29, 2017, 4:00 p.m.
Jean-Baptiste Robin, organ, with Romain Leleu, trumpet

JANUARY 28, 2018, 4:00 p.m.
Kola Owolabi, organ

APRIL 15, 2018, 4:00 p.m.
Renée Anne Louprette, organ

We look forward to seeing you at one, or all, of these great performances! Performances are in the sanctuary at 1345 Grace Avenue at the corner of Grace and Observatory Avenues in Hyde Park.

*The concerts are free and open to the public.

*Doors open at 3:00pm (for Sunday concerts)

*Performances generally last 90 minutes with a short intermission.

*You are cordially invited to a reception to meet the artist immediately following each concert.

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Thank You to Our Donors

The Organ Concert Series at HPCUMC is committed to offering top-quality musical performances to the community without an admission price, but we need your help.  The series has been sustained solely through private donations and receives no assistance from the church budget.  If you have been blessed by this ministry of music, and if you share our mission of promoting excellent music on an excellent organ, played by some of the world’s finest concert organists, please consider giving a gift to The Organ Concert Series Fund.  Your contributions are tax-deductible and will enable us to continue to offer these concerts for many years to come.

Past Seasons of the Organ Concert Series

Greg Zelek, Ken Cowan & Lisa Shihoten, Tom Trenney, Amy Johansen & Robert Ampt

CCM Wind Ensemble with Brenda Portman & Michael Unger, Rachel Laurin, Stephen Tharp, David Baskeyfield

Jonathan Ryan, Christoph Bull, Huw Lewis

Jeannine & David Jordan (From Sea to Shining Sea multimedia presentation), Organized Rhythm (Clive Driskill-Smith and Joseph Gramley), Raúl Prieto Ramírez, The Canterbury Brass with Brenda Portman

Ken Cowan, Christian Lane, Janette Fishell

Frédéric Blanc, Michael Unger, Douglas Cleveland

Clive Driskill-Smith, Brenda Portman, Raúl Prieto Ramírez, Isabelle Demers

Christopher Houlihan, Anthony & Beard, Bradley Hunter Welch

Thomas Trotter, The Chenaults organ duo, Lynne Davis

Alan Morrison, New York Organ & Piano Duo (Daniel Sullivan, organ, and Jason Cutmore, piano), and Thierry Escaich

Vincent Dubois, Martin Jean, and Anthony & Beard (Gary Beard, organ, and Ryan Anthony, trumpet)

Stefan Engels, Olivier Latry, and Carol Williams

Pierre Pincemaille, Sonia Kim, and Paul Jacobs

Prior to 2004
Frederick Swann, David Higgs

Casavant Organ Specifications

Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church Organ by Casavant Frères, Opus 3671 The organ at Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church (Opus 3671) was built by Casavant Frères of Quebec, Canada. It was completed in 1990 and was first heard in a dedicatory recital given on September 25 of that year by organist and director of music, Mark Schaffer, who with his predecessors, Edwin Domb and Todd Wilson, assisted in the design of the instrument. Tonal designer was Jean-Louis Coignet. Final voicing was carried out by Yves Champagne. It was designed in the tradition of French organs to fulfill the dual role of Orgue de Choeur, an accompanimental organ for the choir in the chancel, and Grand Orgue, or main organ, speaking down the central axis of the nave from the gallery. The organ has 88 ranks of pipes – 63 in the gallery and 25 in the chancel – and is operated from a single four-manual console located in the chancel. It has a total of 4,843 pipes. Opus 3671 has been compared to other fine instruments built by Casavant Frères, including those in Saint Clement Church in Chicago and the Basilique Notre-Dame-du-Cap near Montreal.

In 2015, the organ celebrated its 25th birthday. Thanks to a generous gift from the estate of the late Dr. Olga Platz, a significant console technology upgrade was completed by Denis Blain of Casavant Frères in August 2015. During the upgrade project, the piston layout was reorganized by consolidating chancel and gallery divisional pistons and converting 11 unused divisional pistons into general pistons (for a new total of 19 generals). The organ’s memory was doubled from 32 to 64 levels, piston sequencing and manual transfer were added, and a set of chimes was installed in the gallery swell division. The improvements offer the organist much greater versatility and ease of playing across the entire breadth of organ repertoire up to and including the 21st century.

The complete specifications for the organ follow.

Gallery Grand Orgue (II): Violon 16 Montre 8 Flûte harmonique 8 Flûte à cheminée 8 Violon 8 Prestant 4 Flûte ouverte 4 Doublette 2 Cornet V Fourniture harmonique II-IV Plein Jeu IV Bombarde 16 Trompette 8 Trompette royale 8 (from solo) Grand Orgue Unisson Muet

Chancel Grand Orgue (II): Montre 8 Flûte à cheminée 8 Prestant 4 Flûte à fuseau 4 Flûte à bec 2 Cornet II Fourniture IV Grand Orgue Unisson Muet

Gallery Récit (III): Bourdon doux 16 Principal 8 Cor de nuit 8 Viole de gambe 8 Voix céleste 8 Octave 4 Flûte octaviante 4 Octavin 2 Plein Jeu V Basson 16 Trompette harmonique 8 Hautbois 8 Voix humaine 8 Clairon 4 Tremblant Récit Unisson Muet

Chancel Récit (III): Bourdon 8 Viole de gambe 8 Voix céleste 8 Principal 4 Flûte ouverte 4 Doublette 2 Plein Jeu IV Bombarde 16 Trompette 8 Tremblant Récit Unisson Muet Gallery

Positif (I): Bourdon 8 Salicional 8 Principal 4 Flûte douce 4 Nazard 2 2/3 Flageolet 2 Tierce 1 3/5 Piccolo 1 Clochette 1/3 (c: 2/3, c’: 1 1/3) Cymbale harmonique II-V Clarinette 8 Postif Unisson Muet Trompette royale 8 (from solo)

Gallery Solo (IV): Trompette royale 8, Chimes (Gt), Chimes (Ped)

Gallery Pédale: Principal 32 Montre 16 Violon 16 Soubasse 16 Bourdon doux 16 Flûte 8 Bourdon 8 Octave 4 Contre bombarde 32 Bombarde 16 Basson 16 Trompette 8

Chancel Pédale: Contre Bourdon 32 Bourdon 16 Octavebass 8 Bourdon 8 Octave 4 Bombarde 16 Trompette 8

Couplers: Gallery Grand Orgue / Pédale 8 Chancel Grand Orgue / Pédale 8 Gallery Récit / Pédale 8 Gallery Récit / Pédale 4 Chancel Récit / Pédale 8 Chancel Récit / Pédale 4 Gallery Positif / Pédale 8 Gallery Solo / Pédale 8 Gallery Récit / Grand Orgue 8 Chancel Récit / Grand Orgue 8 Gallery Positif / Grand Orgue 8 Chancel Récit / Positif 8 Gallery Grand Orgue / Positif 8 Gallery Récit / Positif 8 Gallery Grand Orgue / Solo 8 Chancel Grand Orgue / Solo 8 Gallery Récit / Solo 8 Chancel Récit / Solo 8 Gallery Positif / Solo 8 Gallery Organ ON-OFF Chancel Organ ON-OFF

Adjustable Combinations (Solid State, 64 memories, capture system)

General Pistons: 19, with piston sequencer

Divisional Pistons: G.O. (6), Récit (7), Pos. (6), Pedal (6)

Gallery: 44 Stops, 63 Ranks Chancel: 18 Stops, 25 Ranks Total: 4843 Pipes