Global Outreach

Global Outreach encompasses all the ministries beyond Cincinnati. Through the United Methodist connection, we are able to extend our reach to different parts of the United States and around the globe.


Our partnership with Germany includes churches and ministries in four different regions: Plauen, Frieberg, Augustusburg, and Chemnitz. These ministries work daily to bring the love of Christ to an area where the vast majority of the population are atheists. As the churches and ministries in this area continue to build spaces to worship the risen Lord, please pray for their ministry and their legacy in the region.

If you are interested in joining a future mission trip to Germany, please contact Sarah Putman in the church office.


Our partnership with Haiti is with the Faith Academy. Faith Academy is a school in Haiti that owes its existence to the dedicated efforts of an inspiring Haitian Christian, Fanfan Janvier.  With support from friends and churches in the USA, Fanfan has been able to build a school on the outskirts of Port au Prince, the Haitian capital, that now educates and feeds over 300 children a day.  Education in Haiti is not free.  Without ongoing support these children would be deprived not only of an education but also quite probably the only substantial meal that they get each day.

If you are interested in possibly joining a future mission trip to Haiti, please contact Sarah Putman in the church office.


Our partnership with Liberia includes working with the Ganta hospital in Ganta, Liberia, as well as partnering with a UMC missionary, Dr. Albert Willicor.

The Ganta Hospital, in northeast Liberia, is just across the border from the Guinea forest, and within easy travel to Cote d’Ivoire. It is the only referral hospital in that part of Africa. The hospital is a 140 – 150 bed hospital serving a region with a population of 450,000 people.

Dr. Albert Willicor is a UMC missionary and medical chief of staff.

Please pray for our friends and the work and service that God is using them to provide for those with health needs in Liberia and it’s surrounding areas.


Our partnership with Russia is with the UMC in Samara. Our support has been relational as we have sent mission teams to them and they have come to visit us as well, but it has also been financial. Through our financial support, our sister church in Samara was able to purchase a church building.

Our brothers and sisters in Samara are in many ways a first century church, they live in a world where discussing their faith holds them up for ridicule from neighbors and co-workers, yet they proudly and boldly share their faith stories about how being a follower of Christ has changed their lives.

While relatively small in numbers, our friends at the church in Samara, are part of an active, thriving church with sixty six people out of about a hundred actively involved in church ministries such as feeding the poor and homeless each week and participating in Bible study courses.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Samara, Russia as they continue to do the work of the Kingdom!

If you are interested in being part of a future mission trip to Russia, please contact Sarah Putman in the church office.