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Update From Pastor Cathy and the Worship Task Force

During the Vision Weekend last October several task initiatives were launched to help our congregation maximize our effectiveness in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. One of those initiatives was the formation of the Worship Task Force. It has representation from all of our current worship offerings. This group was […]

Shalom Habitat Coalition

Over twenty years ago, our church partnered with Mt. Zion UMC (now New Vision UMC), and founded the Shalom Coalition to work with Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity building houses in the Walnut Hills area of Cincinnati. In 2015 we will be building our 20th Habitat house. Our church has provided both volunteers and significant funding […]

Jesus: A Wild and Craaaazzy Guy!

The celebration of Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary brought back memories and smiles. Characters like Rosanne Rosannadanna, played by the late Gilda Radnor, and the Blues Brothers, played by Dan Akyroyd and the late John Belushi, brought laughter into our homes for four decades. Steve Martin, who holds the record for hosting the most Saturday […]

Welcome to Pastor Ian and Kelly Strickland!

We are excited to welcome Pastor Ian Strickland and his wife Kelly to our church family! Pastor Ian will officially be starting his ministry here on March 1st at our Nast Community location. Pastor Ian and Kelly are both profoundly excited to step into a new ministerial capacity at Hyde Park Community U.M.C and within […]

Loved With an Everlasting Love!

The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation is about relationships, God’s relationship with humanity, and humanity’s relationship with God. Foundational to embracing, maintaining, and sustaining this relationship is love. The unconditional, no strings attached, self-giving love of Jesus is not only our example, but also our calling as followers of “The Way”! This weekend we celebrate […]

Youth Sunday

Today our United Methodist Youth Fellowship and Boy Scouts will lead our services, and we will hear meditations from three students throughout the service. Below you can meet those that will be giving the meditations and read about their future plans! Kyle Brown has been at HPCUMC since 1st grade, and has been a confirmed […]

Student Ministry Highlight

The Mission of Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church is to share the love of Jesus to transform lives, Cincinnati, and the world. Sometimes the best classroom is not a room with desks and smartboards, but rather immersing oneself in serving others and showing the love of Jesus. The student ministry here at our church […]

Holy Communion Sunday Prayer

What is on your heart? What wakes you up in the middle of the night? We come to Christ’s table with thanksgiving and joy for what God has done for us and for his continual invitation to God’s grace, love, peace, joy, healing, and hope. We are united when we come to the table; one […]