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FanFan Janvier- Faith Academy- Haiti

I still clearly remember the first time I met Fanfan.  It was my first mission trip to Haiti. The airport in Port au Prince was hot, dusty and very third world.  As we struggled with our baggage, there was this tall, smiling Haitian waiting to greet us, relieve us of our load, toss it in […]

From the Pastors: Vision Weekend Report

Over 250 people gathered at Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church last weekend, seeking God’s preferred vision for our future. Over the summer we participated in twenty home gatherings and one at Nast Trinity. We asked three questions: What do you celebrate as a church? What challenges/obstacles do we currently face? What would be a […]

Partnering with Samara, Russia

Part of the global outreach of HPCUMC involves a Methodist church in Samara, Russia. Our support to them has included helping them purchase a church building in 2001. Yet, even though they now have a church building, they are considered a sect by many because they are not part of the official government religion. Our […]

Free At Last

There is much in life that we allow to imprison us; which in turn keeps us from fully experiencing the life God intends for us. Our attitudes, outlook, and our finances can imprison our spirit, and limit our joy. This Sunday we begin a new sermon series: Free At Last! The series will help us […]

Servant Leadership Board Sept. 2014

The Servant Leadership Board (SLB) met on Monday, September 22 and followed a pattern of loving, learning, and leading.   The agenda of the meeting included: A proposal to restructure the Endowment Committee was resubmitted to the SLB.  Under the terms of the proposed restructure, the Endowment Committee will begin to function as an advisory […]

Sacrament of Communion

A sacrament is a finite, physical, visible mediator of the sacred, a means whereby the sacred becomes present to us. A sacrament is a vehicle or vessel of the sacred. In Christian language, a sacrament is an “outward and visible sign” of “an inward spiritual grace.” Sacraments are “doors” to the sacred. They are sacred […]

It’s a New Thing! The Visitor Luncheon

After hearing a lot about Radical Hospitality you may be wondering, so what’s radical about our hospitality at Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church? Something new we began this year is hosting a Visitor Luncheon. Hospitality and friendship are our only goals for this event. We are not  recruiting new members or trying to sign […]

Stay in Love With God

Bishop Rueben Job wrote a book, “Three Simple Rules”, based on the teachings of John Wesley (father of Methodism): Do no harm, Do good, Stay in love with God. The “Three Simple Rules” are discipleship pathways based on the teachings of Jesus. In Luke’s account of Jesus’ teaching on judging others (Luke 6:37-42), we see […]

Nast Trinity Sunday Dinner Ministry

This week’s article is written by Ruth Young, who heads up the dinner ministry at the Nast Trinity Downtown Campus. The Nast Trinity Sunday dinners started in 1983 when Sally and Ed Berg, Urban Missionaries who came to Cincinnati for one year but never left, felt called to feed the hungry neighbors they saw around […]