What’s New at OTRCC?

Much has happened in the spirit and life of Over-the-Rhine Community church in 2016 and the beginning of 2017. From physical changes in our entryway, Gathering Place, and Sanctuary to changes in worship time, worship flow, and community fellowship – OTRCC has experienced and activated “new things” in our space and community.

In the spring we began planning for moving forward creating a Permaculture Garden in our lot at the corner of Race St and 14th St. Follow through of planting and creating signage rolled out at the end of the summer and in the fall.

This summer, under the leadership of a new member of the church, we repainted the Gathering Place and the entryway of the church. We added new light fixtures this fall and had specialty wooden tables built and incorporated at the end of the year. The Gathering Place has a much warmer, welcoming feeling to help accommodate the spirit and feeling of our community breakfasts that have been happening since early spring.

One of the neatest things for me to experience is to see some of our long term neighbors show up for breakfast and stay for worship. As we continue cultivating an atmosphere where people are not only welcomed but really feel that they have a place at the table – a place where everyone else sees them for the man or woman they were created to be – people want to be part of that community.

One other addition to our culture this year was Ian’s interest in creating videos. It has been such a blessing to be able to see in video/picture representation all that is going on. If you are interested in seeing videos, pictures, and more of the story, visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/otrcommunitychurch/.

Many blessings to you!

Sarah Putman

Community Ministry & Global Outreach Ministry Assistant

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