Summer Impact

What is Summer Impact?

Are you a youth group, women's group, men's group, young adult group, or an otherwise eclectically congregating group of individuals with a desire to serve and give back this summer?
Your group is invited to come and serve for a week (Sunday - Friday) alongside ministries in inner-city Cincinnati participating in building projects, day camps, delivering furniture, communing with those who are experiencing homelessness and sickness, and more.
The heart behind Summer Impact is transformation through serving experiences, meaningful interactions, and individual/group reflection in order to see the work that God is already doing and how God is calling each of us to partner in that Kingdom work. The hope is that teams will return home with a renewed energy and sense of where God is leading them to serve in their local community throughout the year.

What will the week look like?

Arrival on Sunday:

Groups arrive on Sunday afternoon greeted by the Summer Impact Interns. The rest of the day will be spent getting to know the other serving teams, interns, and the city you will be serving in. New for 2019! As a way to jump right into making an IMPACT - dinner on Sunday night will be catered by Venice on Vine. This will be an opportunity to not only learn about the mission of the restaurant, but also the history of Cincinnati. The first night will include getting settled in at Hyde Park Community (beds will be provided along with individual showers on-site), dinner, orientation, and worship. Each team will be assigned an intern and given a serving schedule for the week.

Morning – Afternoon:

Serving begins on Monday. Each morning will start off with an intern led devotion in order to shape our focus and hearts. Teams will enjoy breakfast and also pack their lunch while at Hyde Park Community UMC. Next, your team, including an intern, will leave to serve with one (possibly two) ministry partners for the day. Interns will partner with the leaders of each team in guiding the teams to have a heart for service and look for serving opportunities each day. Any needed materials or supplies for service will be provided.


After work, teams will return to Hyde Park Community UMC for showers and time to decompress. Dinner will be served at the church followed by worship and reflection. The rest of the evening teams can explore the city of Cincinnati (we have a list of our favorite things to do) or spend time at the church.

Wednesday Evening – A Time for Adventure:

The only exception to the afternoon/evening schedule is Wedensday. After work, teams will be "on their own" for dinner and evening activities. We suggest enjoying Cincinnati chili or another local restaurant and an evening adventure. We are happy to help you plan your evening before you arrive.

Friday – Final Day:

Friday is the last day of serving! Teams will return to the church after serving for a final debrief and send off by 5:00p. You are welcome to travel home that evening or stay one more night and enjoy the city!

Past local partners:

This year will run similarly, though there may be alterations, additions, or deletions depending on the needs of our ministry partners. Interns will have experience working with each of the ministry partners. They will be knowledgable our partner's ministry and able to answer questions that your group may have (things like where is the bathroom, what kind of program do they run, what do we need to bring today, etc). Interns will serve alongside their team.

New Partners for 2019:

  • Sunday's welcome dinner will be catered by Venice on Vine. Not only will teams make an impact by supporting a restaurant committed to training people with barriers to employment, groups will enjoy. delicious dinner while learning about the history of Cincinnati. 
  • UMC Food Ministry provided over 2 million meals to children in 2018. Not only will most of our meals come from this organization, we will also partner with them as a mission site to prep and serve food to children.

2019 Teaching Theme

The goal of the Rock of Ages teaching theme is to enjoy music as a way to express our faith and to be together in community. Music sounds nice. It's good background noise. But it's much more. People of the Bible used music as a tool to pray and an outlet for the whole spectrum of human emotion. This creative expression helps us emotionally and spiritually, gives us direction, and has the ability to articulate thoughts and feelings all while showing us that we aren't alone.

Believing that God is in all things, we will find sacred in the ordinary - exploring songs not traditionally found in the "Christian music" genre and how they can point us to God. The playlist will act as a soundtrack of the week and people will be invited to explore creative ways to connect with God through a variety of music genres. 

Check out the Summer Impact Spotify Playlist