Summer Impact Internship

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We believe the next generation of church leaders have gifts to share, spirits to nurture, and dreams to fulfill. Summer Impact provides summer internship experiences for 3 to 5 college-age young adults who have finished their freshman year of college (or recent college graduates) in the mission field of Cincinnati.

Interns will lead small groups in serving, worship, reflection as they explore their call to ministry, deepen their leadership abilities, and experience a faith community that nurtures, challenges, and motivates them for meaningful Christian service throughout their lives.

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This year, we are offering positions for two types of interns: the Team Leading Interns and the Logistics Intern. (Depending on interest and applicants we may end up splitting these responsibilities up among all the interns at differing times during the summer. You will be made aware, if this is the direction we go, during interviews.)

Team Leading Interns Responsibilities:

  • Help create and lead meaningful morning Bible studies and evening worship services
  • Lead team in morning/evening meal preparation and clean up – in partnership with the logistics intern
  • Build relationships with teams, facilitating small as well as larger group bonding
  • Facilitate and guide any team downtime (generally in the evenings). Be present with the teams.
  • Facilitate shower time (when needed)
  • Lead assigned team in daily service opportunity with one (or two) of our ministry partners
  • Encourage each team member to serve with a heart open to meet the needs of others and to try and find opportunities for service in any given situation
  • Answer any questions that teams may have about what to expect while serving, or what they will need to prepare/bring with them
  • Communicate any changes in scheduling to teams
  • Partner with adult leaders from team to handle attitude/behavior issues
  • Be the contact liaison between your team and Sarah, office staff, maintenance, etc.


Logistics Intern Responsibilities:

  • Help create meaningful morning Bible studies and evening worship services
  • Purchase all required food/beverage supplies for meals served at HPCUMC and at ministry partners’ locations
  • Purchase all required craft/project/etc. supplies
  • Coordinate meal scheduling, supply needs/availability, with interns, Sarah, participants
  • Coordinate preparation of meals with congregational volunteers
  • Coordinate meal preparation tasks with interns and their teams
  • Coordinate any meal preparation and/or food/beverage requirements for teams’ daily service needs with ministry partners
  • Submit regular expense reports for purchases
  • Maintain inventories (dry foods storage room, walk-in refrigerator/freezer, serving kitchen, etc.)


Intern Application

Returning Intern Application – if you have previously served as a Summer Impact Intern, please fill out this form.

Download Intern Reference Form – send these forms to three people who know you well and will serve as a reference for you. Reference forms are due before interview.
Compensation: $3600 – $4000 stipend, housing for the entire summer program, and food when teams are on campus.  Interns are required to live on site for the duration of training, Summer Program, and debriefing.

Submit your application and send a recent photo of yourself to Sarah Putman 1345 Grace Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208 or email to


Important Dates

Intern Applications and References Due by:  February 15, 2017

Interviews at HPCUMC:    TBD (plan for early March)

Summer Intern Team 2017 Announced by:     March 30, 2017

Intern Move-in for Summer Program:    May 31, 2017

Training:   June 1 – 9, 2017

Summer Program Starts:    June 11, 2017

Summer Program Ends:     July 28, 2017

Exit Interviews/Summer Wrap-up:    July 29 – August 2, 2017

Intern Move out:    August 2, 2017


If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Putman at