Rest and Resist: Injustice

Dear Friends and Members of Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church,

This pastor’s article is usually reserved for a discussion on the sermon for the coming Sunday. Today I would like to share a much more personal message with you.

On Wednesday January 17th, Patti began a 3-month course of chemotherapy for bladder cancer.  Her diagnosis in June of 2023 started with the removal of a large kidney stone. At that time, a lesion was discovered and removed. Subsequent procedures and testing have led us to a firm diagnosis and treatment plan, which was set late last week. We are sharing this news with you because chemotherapy sometimes causes noticeable outward physical changes in a person and we wanted you to know what is happening.

I will be present with Patti for treatments, doctor appointments, and when she is feeling unwell. I will be working from home on those occasions. Thank you for your prayer and personal support, it means a great deal to both of us. We have not been through something like this before and that is a little scary, but our faith in God and this community, Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church, is sustaining us. Pastor Suzanne and her husband, Daryl, have been invaluable help with their professional knowledge and for their friendship.  The staff and Servant Leadership Board have all rallied around us. We thank you for your care and love too. Thank you for receiving this note and for all your continued support.

Pastor Todd 

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