Justice Ministry

Justice Ministry

The Justice Ministry seeks to inform the HPCUMC congregation and community about topics of justice, exploring underlying causes and sources of injustice and encouraging actions that seek fairness and equity for all.

Events & Resources

The Justice Ministry will be hosting the next  book study for people to engage in education, discussion, and self-reflection about race. For now, discussions will take place via Zoom. 


How to Be an Antiracist by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi

Virtual Discussions will take place:

September 1st 7:00-8:30p on Intro to Chapter 9

September 8th 7:00-8:30p on Chapters 10-18

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Dr. Kendi weaves a combination of ethics, history, law, and science with his own personal story of awakening to antiracism. This is essential work for anyone who wants to go beyond the awareness to the next step: contributing to the formation of a just and equitable society.

Antiracism is a transformative concept that reorients and reenergizes the conversation about racism – and, even more fundamentally, points us toward liberating new ways of thinking about ourselves and each other. In How to Be an Antiracist, Dr. Kendi takes readers through a widening circle of antiracist ideas – from the most basic concepts to visionary possibilities – that will help readers see all forms of racism clearly, understand their poisonous consequences, and work to oppose them in our systems and in ourselves.

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