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Effective immediately we are suspending In-Person Worship, and resuming Online worship ONLY.

Keeping You Safe

As we reflect upon the journey we’ve made together over the past several months, we are grateful for your faithfulness to the Great Commandment: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength; the second is like it, love your neighbor as yourself.”


January 13, 2021

The COVID-19 Task Force met Sunday, Jan. 10 and shared the following insights and agreed upon the following:

  • We (HPC/The Warehouse) do not want to accidentally stress our hospitals and health workers

    by being the cause of one more person being added to the rise in new cases.
  • Only 1.4% of the county has been vaccinated to date and the “new case” rate is climbing fast.
  • New case rates in Ohio have increased by 12% last week (week of 1/4/21)
  • Hamilton County is the 3rd highest county (new cases) in the state

The Task Force discussed criteria needed to safely resume in-person worship. Although nothing definitive was settled upon there was consensus that for in-person worship to safely resume there would need to be:

  • Decreased levels of new cases locally
  • A Decline in hospital related cases, including a decline in ICU cases
  • Comparable or fewer new cases than in March 2020 (which lead to the state-wide shut down,
    and suspension of in-Person worship).

In light of the Task Force recommendation, the Servant Leadership Board voted to continue the suspension of
in-person Worship indefinitely.  The Task Force will meet in mid-February to re-evaluate.

Thank you for your continued prayers, patience, and support as we navigate these challenging days together.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Registration is Required! Click the button below for the service you would like to attend.

  1. Please make sure to include your first and last name when registering.
  2. Once registered you will receive an email receipt letting you know where your seat is. (Please have this available Sunday when you arrive.)
  3. Please arrive 15 mins. prior to the start of the service.
  4. Please enter on the south side of the building and exit after worship onto Observatory
  5. Sunday morning stop by the Check-in desk.
  6. Once you’ve been checked-in, one of the Ushers will show you to your seat.

Know What to Expect Sundays

Here’s a short video to help you know what to expect when returning to in-person worship:

Guidelines for In-Person Worship

  1. Masks will be required at all times.
  2. No gathering before or after service.
  3. No more than 100 persons per service.
  4. Safe social distancing will be observed at all times.
  5. Free-standing hand sanitizing stations will be placed at each entrance.
  1. Words to hymns and scripture will be projected on the screens (no hymnals or Bibles in the pews) .
  2. Friendship pads will not be passed. Please log your attendance and request information on our website.
  3. Offering plates will be placed at the entrances and exits (no passing the plate).
  4. Communion will be offered with individually-wrapped cups and wafers.
  1. Ushers will wear masks, seat people, and exit persons safely.
  2. Bulletins will be laid out for individuals to pick up if desired.
  3. Screens will be used to guide worship.
  4. Pew cushions will be removed so pews can be cleaned thoroughly.
  5. Nursery and Children’s Sunday School will not be gathering until further notice.
  • Persons with a cold, flu-like symptoms and/or a fever greater than 100 degrees should stay home and worship online.
  • Worshipers will sign in prior to entering the sanctuary.
  • We encouraged you to bring your personal hymnal and Bible.
  • No “passing of the peace”.
  • Only worship leaders may sing.
  • One-way directional traffic will be observed (entering from the south, exiting to the north) with the exception of persons with special needs or mobility concerns.
  • Please sit in pews designated by worship time (9:30 or 11:00).
  • Individuals may bring their own coffee with lids into the sanctuary; coffee fellowship will not be offered.

Once a meeting adjourns and the space is vacant it will be cleaned in the following manner:

  1. Clean all hard surfaces of furniture (tables and chairs), writing boards, and electronics with a general-purpose cleaner in order to remove the necessary dirt. (The product will be Fastball general purpose cleaner.)
  2. Spray all hard surfaces with disinfectant to the point it will remain wet for a minimum of 10 minutes. The surfaces will be allowed to air dry. If time restraints will not allow for air drying, the surfaces may be wiped dry, as long as the disinfectant has been allowed to sit wet for a minimum of 10 minutes. (The disinfectant will be Subtle 4, an EPA registered disinfectant.)
  3. The floors will be swept and mopped with Maintain Neutral Cleaner and allowed to air dry.
  4. A sign will be placed on the door identifying that the room has been disinfected and is ready for use. Once the meeting has begun a facility staff member will remove the sign from the outside of the door.
  5. EPA-registered disinfectants will be used, particularly on high-touch surfaces such as faucets, toilets, doorknobs and light switches.

Through Christ,

Rev. Dr. Cathy Johns, Rev. Doug Johns,

& The Servant Leadership Board of Hyde Park Community UMC

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