Children and Family Ministry Highlight

My name is Laura Tuzun and I started attending HPCUMC 7 ½ years ago when my daughters were 2 and 5 years old. To me, it only made sense that the place to begin my service to the church was the place that would impact my family the most. As a result, I have been a Sunday School teacher for the past 6 years and a regular volunteer at Vacation Bible School.

To me, the Children’s Ministry is the most vital ministry of the church. Of course I am biased since my girls, now ages 9 and 12, are still a part of it. I believe that our children’s ministry is critical to the growth and spiritual development of both our church and our world. These little ones are the seeds that Jesus has planted, and they are just waiting to be nurtured and loved, so that they can grow to be true disciples of Christ. If we do not take care of them how will they ever grow into the adults of tomorrow that will lead our church. It is up to us to guide them in their journey, no one else can do that for us.

One area of the Children’s Ministry that is particularly near and dear to my heart is the special needs ministry. My daughter, Ela, has Down Syndrome and she is just one of several children in our Sunday School program that have special needs and need extra help on Sunday mornings. These children have so much to offer – just like their peers, but they require one-on-one assistance to get the most out of Sunday School. Giving them the one-on-one time that forms relationships and creates successful learning in Sunday School is something that is difficult when many of the Sunday school classes only have one teacher each week and anywhere from 5-15 students. That is why we are constantly looking for adult or youth volunteers to be a special helper to our kids with special needs in Sunday School. Because I knew that my daughters were cared for here at HPC, we made HPC our church home.

As a parent who has been blessed, not only by being a teacher in Sunday School, but also by the other teachers who have taught my own children, I encourage you to get involved in Children’s Ministry. I love every minute that I get to be with these little ones, and I am sure you will.

Laura Tuzun

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