Young Adult Ministry

Connecting Young Adults shaped by community, questioning, and service

Our ministry creates space for young adults in their 20’s – mid 30’s to deepen their faith through study, conversation, service, and gatherings that build community.

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Current Study

Brews and the Bible for Normal People

Mondays from 7:00p-8:30p

at Bean and Barley

Start your week off enjoying a beautiful summer evening with your favorite beverage and meaningful conversation with other young adults. On Mondays starting July 11th through August 29th meet at the downstairs patio of Beans and Barley (Madison Rd.) from 7:00p-8:30p for Brews and the Bible for Normal People to discuss an episode from Peter Enns and Jared Byas’ podcast.

Each week will feature a different topic and/or guest so each week stands on its own – come when you can. See below for the schedule for the summer series and find links to the episodes.

Listen or read the transcript of the episode of the week before the gathering and come ready to discuss. 

The study will take place in the downstairs of Bean and Barley. Depending on the weather, we will either be outside at the downstairs picnic tables or indoors at the large table downstairs.

About the Bible for Normal People Podcast:

If you’re a normal person who reads the Bible, chances are you have questions. If you like to ask questions and don’t like quick, safe answers to make the hard questions go away, this podcast might be for you.

The Bible is supposed to be the book that tells us what God is up to, but once you start reading, you get more than you bargained for. the Bible is an ancient, weird, unfamiliar, from another world and another time. Some of it is bizarre, unbelievable, and even morally suspect. the Bible that tells us about God is a messy book that just won’t behave itself.  

This podcast focuses on telling stories about this messy Bible and what it means to read with both eyes open to its problems and challenges, and to its promises and possibilities. 

Do you find yourself drifting to these topics and questions: 

  • What does it mean to live life well?
  • What is God up to? 
  • How might Christianity help us create meaning in our lives today?
  • What is the Bible and what do we do with it?

If you notice, there are themes here. If they resonate with you, you might enjoy this podcast. Remember, these sorts of questions are an expression of faith, not a problem for our faith. 

Study Schedule

July 18: Episode 1 – Rob Bell – What is the Bible

       • Listen to episode

July 25: Episode 2 – Richard Rohr – A Contemplative Look at the Bible  

       • Listen to episode 

August 1: Episode 6 – Amy-Jill Levine – Jesus, Judaism, and Christianity  

      • Listen to episode 


August 8: Episode 174 – Brian McLaren – The Four Stages of Faith

       • Listen to episode 

August 15: Episode 34 – Jen Hatmaker – Changing Your Mind About the Bible 

      • Listen to episode 


August 22: Episode 200 – Pete Enns and Jared Byas – Does the Bible Still Matter? 

       • Listen to episode

August 29: Episode 206 – Dale C. Allison – Approaching the Resurrection of Jesus as a Historian 

       • Listen to episode 

Rev. Kate Smith

Pastor of Mission & Outreach

If you are interested in participating in young adult ministry, please contact Rev. Kate Smith, our pastor of mission and outreach.

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