Wedding Fees

Deposit: A deposit of $875 is due before booking can be finalized. The deposit is divided into 2 separate checks ($750 sanctuary fee + $125 for initial wedding liaison communications.) The deposit is nonrefundable.

Final Payment: The final payment is due two weeks before the ceremony. The final bill is divided into 3 separate checks. ($400 for minister + $125 for the final wedding liaison communications + $300 for music, $150 for custodial, and any additional fees (optional).


Additional Fees (Optional):

Decoration rentals: ($15 for unity candle, $25 for set of 2 seven branch candelabras, $30 for aisle runner, and $4/aisle candelabra we have 16 total. )

Special Music Requests: $100 for having organist at rehearsal, $50 added for practice with each additional soloist beyond one, $150 to hire a soloist through HPCUMC


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