Science Mike

All You Can Eat Free Spaghetti Dinner at 5:30 provided by the Women’s Ministry with a good will offering accepted in support of local missions.

What’s the big deal about the discovery of gravitational waves? How can you take the Genesis account seriously with all that we know about biology and evolution? Do we really have to worry about Artificial Intelligence? What questions do you have about science, faith, and how they interact?  This is your chance to Ask Science Mike: Live!

A former Southern Baptist Deacon turned atheist, a profound religious experience turned Mike McHargue back to God in a very different way.  His Podcast, Ask Science Mike, has thousands of listeners each week, and he is the bestselling author of Finding God in the Waves, a very personal account of his journey back to Christianity, and how his knowledge of neuroscience and cosmology helped to get him there.

As a life-long lover of science, Mike McHargue has a talent for explaining complex ideas in ways that are easy to understand.  He is one of those rare voices that can speak knowledgeably and authentically about both science and faith. Mike’s mix of honesty, humor, and affability allow him to connect with remarkably diverse audiences.

Mike McHargue will be coming to Hyde Park United Methodist Church ‪on February 10th at 7:00pm for a Science Mike Live show, where the audience gets to ask the questions they’ve been wondering about.

Before the event, the Women’s Ministry will be hosting a spaghetti dinner ‪at 5:30pm with all proceeds benefiting local missions. Come hungry, and eat well!  After that, please join us for an evening of entertainment, education, and honest discussion with Mike McHargue! 


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