Faith vs. Facts

This summer several brave souls have joined me in an educational adventure.  Our topic for our Zoom class is “Religion and Science:  Pathways to Truth.”  We have had fascinating conversations about the intent of the Bible, intersections between faith and science, evolution, God’s plan for the universe, and other topics that invite us to engage in healthy conversation as people who follow Christ.

One of our presenters, a Methodist minister, theologian and an astrophysicist, shared that the perception that religion and science have been in conflict is a mistake.  Dr. David Wilkinson writes: “Saying that science is about fact, but Christianity is simply about belief, as if as Christians, we throw our brains away and just believe” is a mistake.  Science and religion have been compatible for many centuries yet some continue to push these disciplines into adversarial camps when that was never God’s intent.

This Sunday we will conclude our series “Working on our Core” with the message “Walking by Faith.”  With all the challenges that we face today, including battling a global pandemic, finding a path where all people are respected equally, and a polarized country, we will connect with one another to celebrate the steadfast love of God.  We invite you to connect with us to discover that being a person of faith does not mean checking our brains at the door, but something much deeper.  The practical and positive outcomes of walking by faith are life-changing and result in deep, abiding joy.

I look forward to connecting with you this Sunday.  Please join us at 9:30 am, connecting with us on our website: or our Facebook page.  Have a blessed week!



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