Working our Core

The Mayo Clinic has the following statement on their website:

“Core exercises improve your balance and stability.”

People in the health care industry and physical trainers are all in agreement: Working our core is critical to our physical health. Millions of dollars has been made selling programs such as “Abs of Steel.”  Strengthening exercises for our core are abundant and easily accessible.

What would happen if we apply the statement above to our minds and spirits, examining our faith and values?   

What would happen if we were willing to step back and examine what we believe so that we solidify our core – our core beliefs?

This weekend I invite you to join us as we begin a sermon series designed to strengthen our core.  We live our lives, day to day, based on what we believe.  We respond to what is happening in the world because of the values that we hold dear.  Jesus, the Christ, taught us to love God and neighbor, set the oppressed free, and work for healing, hope, and peace for all.

Each week we will take a deep dive into central beliefs of the Christian faith.  This week we explore the meaning of “The Glory of God,” studying both the biblical understanding as well as how it applies to our daily lives.

The times we live in can threaten to shake us, to throw off our balance.  I pray that during this challenging season you will join us for this sermon series that takes us back to the basics:  the core beliefs of the follower of Christ. 

May God richly bless you this week and always!


Pastor Cathy

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