2020 Auburn Ave. is the address for the Juvenile Detention Center for youth ages 11-17.

On Tuesday or Wednesday evening from 7-8pm, youth currently at the Juvenile Detention Center can choose to attend the Bible Study.  Because it is an optional activity they are eager to hear what we have to say and to engage in conversation.  Prayer requests, Bible reading, and singing make the hour fly by. We provide Bibles for youth who want them. In many cases, contact with a caring adult can make a big difference. Our mission is to serve in the positive development of the children at 2020.

We rotate our involvement with boys one month and girls the next month.  We support this ministry by buying Bibles for the teens and by providing Bible teachers each week.

Please pray for the boys and girls at the Juvenile Detention Center, that they may experience the love of Christ in their lives and find mentors and role models who love them for who they are as they journey to wholeness. 

If you are interested in joining the group of servants who lead Bible study with these youth, please contact Sarah Putman in the church office.