Thank You for Caring!

We all are aware of the devastation left behind in our local communities from the tornadoes of late May, early June.  Many of the families impacted were low-income families struggling to make ends meet and now find themselves struggling with the despair of a natural disaster.  The West Ohio Conference and our District Superintendent has asked HPCUMC to commit $10,000 to the relief effort (which will be on going for years to come).  In consultation with the chair of our Mission and Outreach Team, it has been agreed to use the Flick Endowment (designated to help people with basic needs) to match dollar for dollar, up to $5,000, to meet the $10,000 challenge.

Your passion for walking alongside the broken hearted, those living under the weight of discouragement, and offering hope in the face of hopelessness has become a real presence to thousands.  Through your generosity, we have answered the call to help with this multi-year recovery.  The true heart and character of Hyde Park Community shines like a beacon of light for those who literally and figuratively found/find themselves walking in darkness.

As of this writing we successfully raised $5,000, and the Flick Endowment Fund matched the $5,000 for a total of $10,000.  Because you gave:

  Water and food were provided to those suddenly left without.

  Temporary housing is provided.

  Restoration and renovation of homes has begun.

  Families are reunited.

  Communities rebuilt.

  Hope fanned from a flicker to a flame.

  People know they are loved.

Thank you for your support for this initiative of restoration.  The body of Christ is alive and well in places we have never been and uplifting people we do not know their names, but have encountered the living Christ!  May God’s blessings abound as we continue to live into God’s call to partner with God in God’s acts of new creation.

Through Christ,

Pastor Doug


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