Together We Make A Difference!

Together We Make a Difference!

As the flowers bloom and the trees bud, all of creation is singing resurrection praises!

Thank you for your support and generosity of the ministries of Hyde Park Community/Over The Rhine Community United Methodist Church!   Because you gave:

•  On Friday, April 12, HPCUMC opened the doors of the Church, offering our community God’s love and grace through song, as our Praise Band performed a concert of love and acceptance.

•  On Saturday, April 13, HPCUMC, children and their families enjoyed our annual Easter Egg Hunt, led by our Children and Family Ministry.

•  In partnership with the University of Cincinnati’s Audiology Department, we have provided hearing aides for the community of Red Bird Mission. There is a waiting list of 3+ years for hearing aides. 

•  The Lenten Retreat offered participants a time of reflection and renewal.

•  The Pre-School Chapel engages over 190 children and adults with the love and grace of Jesus twice a month.

•  The weekly Young Adult gatherings average 11 young adults in study and fellowship. 

•  The Mission and Outreach Team provide opportunities to mentor/tutor children at Rothenberg and Wesley Chapel Mission Center.

•  Eight members of HPCUMC represented the church as part of the mission team to Cluj, Romania.

•  The Young Adult Enneagram Retreat inspired 22 young adults.

In these ways, and many more, your generous giving is a way in which you have partnered with God to bring God’s kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven.  Thank you!

May God’s blessings abound as you continue to support the ministry and mission of Hyde Park Community through your extravagant generosity!  

Through Christ,

Pastor Doug

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