Seeing Ourselves- Seeing Others

“What is an ‘Any-a-gram?’” I asked.

“It’s called the ‘ENNEAGRAM!’”  My friend retorted.

My first introduction to the Enneagram was in January 2017 at a conference. People from the conference encouraged me to start my Enneagram journey on the drive home by listening to The Liturgists (Science Mike who was here last February is one of the hosts) podcast on the topic. I imagine this advice came because it was safer listening to a podcast than reading a book while driving. It’s episode 37 in case you want to check it out for yourself.

The Enneagram is perhaps best defined by Enneagram author and expert Suzanne Stabile as, “nine ways of seeing and nine ways of processing our experiences in the world. Additionally, there are nine ways of answering some of life’s basic questions like, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Why do I do the things I do?’”

Most of us have no idea that others don’t see as we see, nor do they process their experiences in the same way we do. Keeping this in mind is especially crucial in ALL of our relationships! The Enneagram is a tool that helps us understand people’s fears, motivations, desires, and relationship dynamics. It can be a key that unlocks sometimes mystifying behavior in others – and in ourselves, which can lead to more empathy and understanding.

You might remember an Enneagram workshop happening here a few years ago and perhaps benefitted from it yourself. There has been an influx of interest among young adults around this topic. As way to build relationships and engage with young adults in the area, we are offering an Enneagram Weekend to take place at Over-the-Rhine Community Church on February 22-23. Thanks to the Emerson and Jan Colaw Lecture/Leadership Endowment we are able to offer this as a free event.

I believe the weekend will be transformative for people’s relationship with God and others. I would love your help getting the word out to young adults! Please send them to to learn more information. If you would like to help support the weekend (and get more information about the Enneagram for yourself) please check the One-and-Done section to get involved.


Pastor Kate


Lives Transformed Through Your Generosity

As we begin a new year, I celebrate with you 2018!  Thank you for your faithfulness to the ministry and mission of HPCUMC/OTRCC through your generosity.  You have offered abundant living to countless individuals, families, and communities through your financial support.  Because you gave:

  • Our partnership with Rothenberg Preparatory Academy flourishes.  At Christmas we provided over 40 preschoolers, and 50 third graders, with gifts, in addition to 100 gifts for the “Falcon Buck Good Behavior Store.”
  • We provided 552 families a Thanksgiving meal; and over 200 people helped assemble the
  • Provided pizza and fellowship with youth at 20/20 ministry.
  • Our Preschool flourishes with a capacity enrollment; and bi-monthly Chapel, lead by our Director of Children and Family Ministries, offering God’s love through worship designed for preschoolers.
  • The Young Adult Ministry continues to grow as we engage Young Adults in the Hyde Park Community and surrounding communities.   
  • The Fourth Sunday of Advent offered a worship experience featuring John Rutter’s “Gloria”, and the Cathedral Choir
  • Over 50 children lead our Family Christmas Eve worship service.
  • The Worship @ 11 Band continues to lead worship that is inspiring and powerful.
  • First Friday Nighters and Thursday Edition offer quality programming and fellowship for our Senior Adults.
  • The Christmas Bash (the most recent Community Welcome Event) opened our doors to the community, where over 100 children and their families enjoyed food, crafts, fellowship, and a visit with Santa; of the 54 families that attended 43 families were from the community.
  • For the first time in over a decade we ended the fiscal year in the black, and debt free!

It is a privilege to serve in ministry with you, to God is the glory!

Through Christ,

Pastor Doug

Faithfulness in the Body

Our church family has a rich, faithful history.  Some of you may be aware that our current sanctuary was built in 1927, just two years before the Stock Market crash of 1929. The church members had built for the future, confident that God would provide.  In the early thirties, the bank came to the church; foreclosure was a real possibility.  Faithful church members took out second mortgages on their homes, during the Great Depression, to save the church.

Today we will consecrate another group of faithful leaders who have stepped forward to prepare our church family for a new generation.  The Capital Campaign Stewardship Chairs are Steve Kramer, Drea Osterbur, and Maddie Williams.  Over 40 people are already starting to serve, helping us to embrace God’s call to repair and restore our facility as well as create new spaces to welcome new generations.   

The theme of the capital stewardship campaign is Generations of Faithfulness.  Psalm 145 reminds us of the faithfulness of God: Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power…and your wonderful miracles.  For your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom.  You rule throughout all generations.”  (from Psalm 145)

Please pray for the leadership team and for our congregation that we may follow in the footsteps of the faithful generations who have gone before us.

May God give us strength and courage to today’s faithful Body of Christ at Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church!


Pastor Cathy

Star of Wonder, Star of Light

“The Star” leads the Magi and their caravan to the Christ Child, and in transforming wonder lead them back into the world.  Likewise “The Star” leads and sends you and me, where we live out our calling to be the “Light of the world” (Matthew 5:14).

The Prophet Isaiah describes this “Great Light” that illumines and transforms (Isaiah 9:2-6).  It is a prophecy that holds in tension current reality and future deliverance.  Twentieth Century Theologian Jurgen Moltmann writes:

“Isaiah lets his vision of the birth of the child and the appearance of the pace of God shine like a light into the conflicts and experiences of real life. It is not easy to keep these dimensions together when one is used to splitting up faith and politics, to celebrate Christmas only in the heart and in the bosom of one’s own family.  But the message of the prophet is a realistic vision, and what it talks about is a visionary reality.  It is a message for the people, a message sent into the camps of the exiled, and into the slums of the poor.  It is a word against the captains of the arms industry and the fanatics of power.  If we really understand what it means, it bursts the bonds of Sunday worship.  For if this message really lays hold of us, it leads us to Jesus the liberator, and to the people who live in darkness and who are waiting for him – and for us.” (Watch for the Light, p.309-310)

As we celebrate The Epiphany – the day the Magi saw the light, encountered the Christ Child; and transformed returned to offer transformation to the world, let us make the journey as well.  As we begin a new year, let us be the liberating Body of Christ to the world; and the “Light of the world” to those who walk in darkness!  See you in Church!

Through Christ,

Pastor Doug