Haiti 2018: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Body of Christ

The construction team put on their work gloves again while starting  the saws a buzzing and the drills a whirring for their second day of construction in Haiti. The mission—to build student desks for the ninth graders ASAP .

The Faith Academy has operated In Haiti for over eleven years in Haiti and provides education, love and a sturdy meal each day for over four hundred and sixty one students. The school and its support has grown by word of mouth and now there’s an opportunity for the Faith Academy to be in the spotlight on a larger scale while serving the children of Haiti. 

The student desks are a high priority because Faith Academy has been given the privilege and prestige of being a testing site in June for ninth grade students taking their college (high school) entrance exams. 

With privilege comes responsibility and these students need desks to write on for their exams. This is a high stakes test that determines each students future for further education.  With that thought as motivation, the construction team is working hard to meet their goal of 90 desks by weeks end. 

Each day students show their curiosity and gather around the construction team as they labor in the courtyard. The team stops work as the students eat their snack of rice and beans to greet the students and practice their creole. Pastor Doug is known for his silly antics with the kids. 

The construction team is functioning as the “body of Christ “ 1 Corinthians 12:27 as they seek Gods courage, authority, and grace.  Thanks be to God as He helps us to be His body as we seek the courage , authority and grace to touch the lives of our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ as they touch and bless us with their love and openness. 

By Jennifer Keelor

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