Imagine No Malaria

Infected mosquitoes who bite children, youth, and adults – mosquitoes do not discriminate – are the cause of transmitting the disease of malaria.
Malaria was functionally eradicated in the United States in the 1950’s.
Africa, however, is still battling against this non-discriminatory disease that is claiming many lives.
Getting the help they need, not only in health treatment, but in prevention nets, education of families and health workers, and communication delivering messages about malaria and how to prevent it.
In the last decade, there has been a 50% reduction in malaria deaths worldwide. However, in 2013 there were nearly 200 million cases worldwide and an estimated 584,000 deaths.
Ninety percent of these deaths occurred in Africa and 430,000 of these malaria deaths were children before their fifth birthday.
Every 60 seconds, a child in Africa dies of malaria!

Now is the time to join in the movement to provide Prevention, Education, Communication, and Treatment in regards to malaria to the people of Africa.
Our West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church as well as Hyde Park Community UMC have joined the movement.

Make the choice to individually join in our efforts to BRING CHANGE to Africa.
An option to BRING CHANGE (alteration) to Africa is to literally BRING CHANGE (coins) to the church.
Let your red BRING CHANGE coin boxes sit in a prevalent place in your house.
At the end of each day, collect the change that you and your family members have accumulated over the course of the day and place it in the box.
Return your filled BRING CHANGE boxes to the church on November 8. Together, we will present them in worship this morning.
If you need to return them early, please place them on the Imagine No Malaria display table in the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings or bring them to the church office during the week.
Answer the call to help eradicate malaria in Africa!

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