Walk To Emmaus

As you begin the New Year, prayerfully consider attending an Emmaus Walk in 2015!

The Emmaus story is found in the Gospel of Luke (24: 13-35). It’s an awesome story of two disciples or friends walking along the road sharing their hearts’ deepest concerns about the death of Christ. An unknown stranger comes along who explains the scriptures as they walked. At the end of a long day the stranger took bread, blessed, broke and shared it with the two disciples. Their eyes were then opened and they recognized the risen Christ and then rushed back to Jerusalem to share the good news with others.

Through the years several hundred Hyde Park church members have experienced the Walk to Emmaus. When you attend you’ll come to a fuller understanding of God’s grace and will experience it in Christian community. Emmaus is a discipleship model that transforms lives for God’s kingdom work in the world.

Who should go? Members of a local church who desire to strengthen their spiritual lives or experience renewal. Someone searching for unanswered questions about their faith. A person who is willing to dedicate their everyday life to God and understands that being a Christian involves responsibility.

What happens on Emmaus? It is a three-day short course on Christianity where you will enjoy singing, learning, laughing, worshipping, reflecting, praying, participate in small table groups, and daily celebrate Holy Communion. The discussions are around a number of talks by laity and clergy on the theme of God’s grace and experienced in Christian love through the Emmaus community.

What happens after Emmaus? Everyone is encouraged to become more engaged in ministry in their local church and become more active as a disciple of Christ in their everyday life. To nurture this process of discipleship persons can become involved in a small group for accountability.

Each person considering to attend the Walk to Emmaus needs to have a sponsor. These are persons who have already attended a walk and are willing to support you as a friend on your walk with Christ. The next Men’s Walk is February 19-22 and the next Women’s Walk is March 19-22.

For more information about Emmaus or seeking to find an Emmaus sponsor, please contact Sharon Michaelson at 761-5571 or at moegge@fuse.net.

It is my hope you will prayerfully consider attending the Walk to Emmaus in the New Year. It might be a natural next step on your spiritual journey. Just maybe you will recognize the risen Christ anew in 2015!

In Christ’s Love,
Dave Weaver

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