The 20,000 Foot View

What is a 20,000 foot view?   If you can remember your last flight in an airplane you know that things look much different from 4 ½ miles up!  There are also beautiful patterns that come from ordinary fields of soybeans and corn.  The squarely cut fields form a mosaic.

As Doug mentioned last week we value communication and transparency.  Here are a few “big picture” views to help you better understand the current reality at Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church:

+Our People Several vital ministries are supported by Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church because our people have stepped up to offer their time, talents, and money, including:  The Center for Respite Care, Stephen Ministry (placing compassionate, trained listeners with people in a time of need), Job Search Focus Group, Interfaith Hospitality Network (offering food and shelter for those in need), Madison Education and Assistance Center, Wesley Chapel Mission Center, Wesley Services, Rothenberg School Tutoring Program, The Hyde Park Center for Older Adults, Habitat for Humanity, and the Downtown Campus at Nast Trinity which coordinates the serving of breakfast and dinner each Sunday.   Global missions that we support include Germany, Haiti, Liberia, and Russia.

+Our Finances Our budgeted needs through July 20th are $1,434,500.  We have received $1,246,470. Our apportionments, Hyde Park Community United Methodist’s district and annual conference commitments that support mission and ministry, are paid quarterly and for the first half of the year was $160,567, which has been paid in full.

+Our Building Renovations on the bathrooms continue to move forward with excellence.  Preliminary conversations about the Master Plan for our building will begin this fall.  Bill Baker and Greg Rogers, from the Servant Leadership Board and the Property Team, are bringing leadership to this process.

This Sunday’s message, “24/7 Joy:  Reducing Conflict,” is based on Philippians 2:1-8.   May God richly bless you and your loved ones with deep, abiding joy!


Pastor Cathy

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