How Does This Work?

A core value of Cathy’s and mine is communication and transparency.  One of the questions we have been asked more than once is how does the Co-Senior Pastor model work?  What follows is my attempt at a broad stroke overview.

Preaching:  As a rule Cathy and I will rotate preaching between the Grace Campus, and the Downtown Campus (every other week).   In this time of defining what it means to be One Church – Two Campuses, we believe it a priority for the Senior Pastors to be visible, in the pulpit, in both places.

Responsibilities:   Cathy and I will bring Senior Pastor Leadership according to the areas of our giftedness.  For example:

Servant Leadership Board (SLB)– Both Cathy and I will bring leadership and work with the Executive Team (Chair, Vice Chair, and Director of Administration) on meeting agenda and schedule.  With regard to the specific teams on the SLB, Senior Pastor leadership will be as follows:

Leadership Development: Cathy
Communication Team: Doug
Visioning Team: Cathy
Personnel Team: Cathy and Doug
Audit Team: Doug
Property Team: Doug
Finance Team: Doug

Equipping Team – Cathy and I will lead, and supervise, the following areas/individuals:
Doug: Director of Administration, and the Director of Communication
Cathy: Director of Education, and the Director of Congregational Care

Additional Areas of oversight:
Doug: Community Ministry and Global Outreach
Cathy: Staff Development, Worship, And New Member Assimilation

This is the “big picture” view, please let either Cathy or I know if you have any questions.  We are excited to be a part of the family called Hyde Park Community, and we look forward to serving in ministry with you!

In Christ,


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