Plug In to the Power!

Luke tells us in the second chapter of Acts about the day God anointed the disciples and all those gathered in Jerusalem on Pentecost: the people were “Amazed and Perplexed”.  To this day, our experience of God’s “Holy Spirit anointing” is both “Amazing and Perplexing”!

Because we live in a world that demands an explanation for everything, we’re perplexed when the outpouring of God’s Spirit moves us in ways that cannot be explained.  Because we live in a culture that teaches individualism, and self-reliance, we’re perplexed when we experience the anointing of the Spirit of our living God that moves us to consider the greater good, and embrace the power of community! And yet we stand amazed!  Amazed at the joy that is ours when we allow ourselves to receive what God has to give.  Amazed at the abundant life we possess when God’s spirit moves in and through us.

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, the day God anointed God’s people with His Spirit, and the church was born!  Pentecost, a day of new beginnings and fresh starts; a day of empowerment, clarity, and direction; a day when God’s people were equipped with what they needed in order to go the places God was leading.

As we celebrate the day of Pentecost this Sunday, I’m reminded of God’s words in Isaiah: “See, I am doing a newthing! Now it springs up” (Isaiah 43:19a).   God invites us to “Plug Into His Power”!

It is comforting, to me, that on the day of Pentecost, Cathy and I come to Hyde Park.  These are Amazing and Perplexing times, but make no mistake about it, God is “doing a new thing!  Now it springs up”.

Hyde Park Community UMC has an amazing and storied history.  A history filled with persons, in love with God, willing to receive the outpouring of God’s spirit, and move beyond their comfort zone in order to partner with God to bring God’s kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven.  Hyde Park Community UMC has been a community of grace, love and mercy, to the community in which God has placed it; a community amazed by God’s refreshing power!  It’s to this community of faith Cathy and I come, and with joy anticipate making the journey with you.

God has led Hyde Park Community UMC in powerful, and beautiful ways in the past; and God is “doing a new thing; now it springs up” as we move into the future!  Come Holy Spirit come; kindle in us the fire of your love!

In Christ,

Pastor Doug




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