Living the Resurrection through Children and Family Ministry

SS-010.aDo you ever go down to the Lower Level of HPCUMC on a Sunday morning? If not, I recommend that you spend some time there between 9:15 AM and 10:30 AM. I understand that is the time that some of you are at worship, but I urge you to take a Sunday and spend some time roaming our Children’s SundaySchool before going to the 11 AM service. You will see some chaos, hear laughter, or even see kids fidgeting. One thing you will definitely see is JOY!

In the midst of all our transitions here at HPCUMC, sometimes the JOY of our faith gets lost. As a staff member, it can be frustrating during the week working on administrative tasks instead of “really” being in ministry. Sunday mornings make it all worth it. I truly love coming to the church on Sunday mornings to see our children. You NEVER know what you will hear come out of their mouths or see what they will attempt to do. I’ve heard things like, “I put my dress on for Jesus today,” or “Jesus is coming to my house because I like him,” or (my favorite) when talking about Jesus being left behind in the temple as a boy, “My dad remembers that. He was there.” The wisdom of our children always brings a smile.

Our Children’s Ministry at HPCUMC has such an amazing potential to have a huge impact not only on our own church, but in the community and even the world! We just wrapped up our Lenten Mission Offering Project – a “Quarter Challenge” among the kids. The kids were divided into 3 teams to represent our different Global Ministries: Team Haiti, Team Liberia, and Team Germany/Russia. Over the Sundays of Lent and even on Easter Sunday, our children “competed” against each other to bring in offering for their team – and as a congregation, we should all be proud of the kids. They brought in almost $400 – of their own accord. Our children are learning that they are helping kids in these other lands. I hope that when you see the kids over the next few Sundays that you will take a moment to congratulate them on a job well done.

We have some great things coming up in our Children’s Ministry over the summer. First on our calendar is Vacation Bible School. VBS is a BIG way to reach kids in the church and the community. This year our theme is Workshop of Wonders: Imagine and Build with God. Vacation Bible School is probably our most impactful event for the kids. Every year, parents tell us that they’re still listening to the VBS CD in their car from the previous summer.  If you feel called to serve our children by teaching or leading a station at VBS, please let me know because WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU! If, however, you cannot help with preparations or during the week of VBS, please keep an eye on our bulletin board in the hallway by the Welcome Center for items to donate. That’s a HUGE way of serving our kids too!

In addition to VBS we have many other events this summer. If you would like to serve by joining us in any of these events, we welcome you with open arms! Here’s a small list of what will be happening: Tweens Day at the Reds on June 22, Family Movie Night on July 18, Tween Camp at King’s Domain the week of July 20-25, Family Camp during August 1-9, and serving at State Avenue UMC on the fourth Sunday of each month at 11 AM.

In Children’s Ministry, there is never a shortage of places to serve. I pray that you will consider serving the children of HPCUMC. Spend some time with the kids on a Sunday and experience the JOY that you can only get from the kids.

Rebecca Homan, Interim Director of Children and Family Ministry


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